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The mission is to live in a world that prioritizes value, endurance and respect for people and our world.  IXV coffee is named after my grandfather, a kind, whimsical and stylish man.  He had little clothing but what he had was well-made and dapper. I still wear his Nantucket red pants and his tailor made dinner jacket, things made by hand, designed to withstand time and trend. IXV coffee is a nod to things that get better with age and to the time we take to create them and enjoy them.  It’s no waste because we all need to be less trashy.



  • Counter Culture Coffee

  • Burrow

  • Kettl Tea

  • Dona Chai

  • Furnace Creek Farm

  • Annie’s Ginger Elixir




If you stand in line at NY coffee shops you can’t help but wonder where all those coffee cups and plastic drinking cups go.  About 10 years ago I started bringing my own reusable coffee cup and it was so easy. I worry that saying “no waste” is practically impossible in today’s world but it's an essential goal and, like my old Yoda t-shirt, I’m not him but I wish I were and every time I wear it, to be more like him I try.   Bring a bag, carry a cup and be alert to unnecessary plastic wherever you go are simple ways to make a difference. Every little bit helps and there are A LOT of us that want to help! Find some simple tools to reduce your plastic here.





The world has too many clothes and the garment and fashion industry is second only to the oil industry in pollution.  I don’t need to add more clothing to the landfill, but nor can I stop designing. I’ve decided to rescue things from the landfill and support makers who either use recycled materials or make things ethically and with consideration for the world and the people on it. Fight fast fashion here.



Block printing from Jaipur with Studio Bagru

Alex Mills, Oct 17, info tba

Eileen Fisher, Nov 18, info tba

Indigo (TBA)
Sip n stitch n bitch (TBA)
Remake your jeans (TBA)

IXV coffee, October 23rd, 6 - 8pm, reserve a spot now!